Baldwin Beach North Shore Maui



Download free maps Maui, Hawaii

Free Maps of Maui for your upcoming vacation with out cars. Find the best spots for surfing, windsurf, kite and for all your activities. Choose the maps of Maui area and feel free to download: Maui Island | Central Maui  | Lahaina map …

Baldwin Beach North Shore Maui

Best beaches on Maui for watersport activities

Maui has some 80 named beaches which can be found on all sides of the island. Depending on which side of Maui you are staying on, there is always some kind of beach nearby. But what is there to do…

Maui Road Near Makena Maui

Maui driving tips

If you’re visiting Maui from a big city, you’ll find the roads quite quaint and often flowing well. If you’re from a small town, it can be a bit frustrating along Maui’s major highways and narrow side streets. The speed…