COVID-19 Updates

As travel begins to reopen, we are thrilled to offer a comfortable and safe Maui car rental experience for new and return customers. With our no touch, no worries rental procedures in place, you can now rent a car and begin your aloha filled vacation.

We invite you to hit the road and begin exploring our islands, worry-free!

At Manaloha Rent a Car, your safety and comfort remain our top priority. We have always prioritized the highest standards of safety in the business. In light of recent times, we have taken extra measures to guarantee a clean and safe car rental experience. From our state-of-the-art contactless rental procedures to our thorough sanitization processes, we have implemented policies with your safety and the safety of our employees in mind.

Maui Car Rentals

We are thrilled to be a part of your long-overdue Hawaiian vacation. We are glad to have you back. With health a top concern for most right now, we are proud to offer our updated rental experience. When you book through Manaloha, you can expect a completely hassle-free contactless pickup and drop-off experience. Our expert staff has been rigorously trained in thorough disinfection and cleaning standards of each vehicle to keep you happy and healthy. With all-encompassing sanitation after each reservation, our fleet of reliable vehicles has never been safer.

Manaloha Car Rentals Van

Manaloha Car Rentals

Hawaii’s natural beauty never ceases to amaze us (despite living here year-round). We’re continually looking for new ways to explore and enjoy our own island. We want to enable you to do the same with high-quality cars made for the full island experience.

Ultimately, we’re motivated to help you make the most of your Hawaiian vacation.

Quick, Safe, & Easy

We are also excited to share our revised reservation pickup policy. This new procedure is quick and easier than ever! Simply check your email prior to your trip. You will find an email with easy-to-follow pickup and drop off instructions for your Manaloha rental. Contact information is provided, but we are certain your experience with Manahloa will be worry-free.

Your preferred island rental car awaits you in the easily located Airport public parking lot. No lines. No crowds. Just you and the road to a safe trip in paradise.

Manaloha provides all the details you need prior to pick up, so you can be out of the airport and on your way in no time! E komo mai - We are happy to welcome you back to our islands. So give us a call today for the easiest car rental island-wide. See you soon!

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